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Not Worth The Risk

You know you have a leak somewhere. Your water bill has increased and you can sometimes hear water running. Well, you can’t see it, and it is probably just a drip. Nothing to worry about right?
When it comes to plumbing leaks, it is not worth the risk of ignoring the problem. Water leaks are a pain in the rear, but replacing sections of your home is a much bigger problem. Are you willing to risk your home, your money, and even your health on a leak?
Here’s what happens if you ignore the problem:
  1. It begins with small pools of water on the basement floor.
  2. Soon the pools grow into puddles and start to touch the walls.
  3. The drywall absorbs the water and moisture and begins to rot.
  4. The puddle compromises the foundation.
Now you’ve got a big-time problem. You will need mold remediation, foundation work, and you still have to fix the leak. Face it, plumbing is a problem that cannot be ignored—it is not worth the risk! Contact Dave-Co Plumbing and let our crew get to work solving your leak and preventing much worse problems for happening.