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Signs You Should Have Your Water Heater Replaced

water heater

It’s easy to take your water heater for granted, but showering and many other things become unpleasant quickly if you miss some of these symptoms that tell you to repair your water heater.

First, determine how old your water heater is by checking the serial number. If the code is “B123456,” B stands for the second month of the year and 12 is the last two digits of the year, so in this particular example the water heater was made in February 2012. These codes are very similar across manufacturers, but double-check your water heater’s manual or the manufacturer’s website just to be sure that the code abides by these rules.

If your heater is more than 10 years old, you should consider replacing it. Some people wait until it springs a leak. If it’s in a position where it won’t cause significant damage, people tend to wait, but that’s still not recommended, because it can take a while before you realize that your heater has sprung a leak.

Rusty water is another symptom, but only if you determine that it’s not from rusty, galvanized pipes. To check, draw several gallons of water directly out of your heater. If the water is still rusty after several buckets, your heater is rusty and needs to be replaced. Act on these symptoms, and you’ll never have to worry about a heater causing significant damage to your home. For expert water heater replacement, contact Dave-Co Plumbing today.